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6th March 2012

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…Silas I love you!


…Silas I love you!

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6th March 2012

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Just had a dream that Monroe saved me from some Wesen who were out to kill me.

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19th February 2012

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Monroe, Nick Burkhardt, and Nick Munroe.

Coincidence?  I think not!

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4th January 2012

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Just me wearing my Monroe sweater <3

Just me wearing my Monroe sweater <3

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22nd December 2011

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10th December 2011

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Beyleddie: Social Beverages →

by *emilythesmelly

I laughed, sitting at the bar with Ezhno.  ”You’re incorrigible!”
“She was so fine, Beyls.  Oh my God,” my brother said, closing his eyes in reminiscence.  We were hanging out at the Blue Moon Bar; Ewan was watching sports with his friends.  ”Blonde hair, blue eyes, and the biggest-“
“Personality?  Smile?  Ego?” I suggested, knowing that this conversation was going downhill fast.
“All of those, actually,” he said with a chortle.  ”Also tits.”
“Oh stop it!” I scolded, slapping his arm.  I rolled my eyes and looked around the bar.  ”Shit.”

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Third Grimm fanfic installment.

OC X Monroe

Monroe is Eddie.  Deal with it.

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9th December 2011


Beyleddie: Beverage Obligations 2 →

by *emilythesmelly

I knocked loudly on the door.  After a lot of rustling inside, Eddie answered.  ”That was cute,” I said sarcastically, holding up his phone.
“Heh,” he said, taking the phone from me.  ”I was wondering where I left that.”
“Where you ‘forgot’ it?” I corrected, making air quotes.  Air quotes were annoying as fuck.  ”You just wanted to see me again.  It’s a little creepy, I admit.  Now that I’m here, though, you should probably invite me in for a drink.”
I walked in without being invited.  ”If you kicked me out of your house, why are you asking for a drink now?”

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The second part of my Grimm fanfic.

OC X Monroe.  Don’t like, don’t read.  Do like, I thank you kindly~

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